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looking for some help

hey guys,

It's Dreigon. I was wondering iff anyone had any advice on how to not get upset when people who check ids question you about whether or not it is indeed you. I know the obvious thing is to get my name change done, but right now i'm unable to do that. My problem is lately its like I have to explain myself to everyone and I'm just not comfortable telling the whole world. it's one thing without a community or group, but outside of friends and brothers its really not my thing. Is there anything I could do to explain or at least not get so angry when explaining to people who ask to see my id.

one other question i was curious about is if anyone has become more agnsty. Lately, about the past month or two, I seem to have changed in how i feel about fighting. Both playing around and not. I never start anything but I will finish it if needed. i'm not on T yet, but i do have increasingly high levels, according to my doctor. I don't know if this is that, or if it is because i'm trying to live into who i truely am or what. it's kind of freaking me out how much i've been changing. I was raised, or at least damn well tried (by my family) to be raised as GIRLY as possible. Now that i'm away from that enviroment, I've been growing into my skin as a man. Maybe someone can help. I'm really not sure.

Thanks! Dreigon Alexander
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