I posted a journal entry thing and it has some pictures of me. I was going to post it up here but i didn't wanna take up space or something i dunno but anyways it'd be cool if some of you guys would check it out and tell me if i pass at all so yeah Thanks if you do ^_^


I thought I'd say hey to everyone (before i forget to then never come back on and then remember about this 2 years later XD) Im Aiden and for the whole pronoun thing I'd prefer he,him blah you get what I mean. Im a pre-op and pre-t ftm lol I have some "fears/anxieties/whatever" to get over first but yep soo Hey ^_^
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chest binders

Hello All,

I am a 28 year old female-born.... err... person. I'm just getting into all this really. I can pass until people see my huge tits!

Does anyone know of any UK shops (online or in London) where I can get a chest binder? I've seen a few in US shops but would like to get one in England if possible to save hassles.

Also, are there any other terms that chest binder tops go by, as I can never find anything on Ebay.

Thanks so much...
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Angry and depressed....

Went to the mall today on another futile search for clothes. All the guy stuff is so boring and styleless. Funny enough, I couldn't help but notice pretty dresses, etc., even though I knew they would look fucking ridiculous on me.

That thought stuck in my head after I returned, so here I am, depressed and looking for ways to punish myself for being big, for the fact that I WOULD look like a caricature in things like that. I ended up hitting myself in the face several times and then cracking my head against my bedroom wall, leaving a lump that bled a bit. It almost felt good, to hurt myself. In college, sometimes I'd stand in front of the mirror and hit myself till the mirror was spattered with blood and my face looked disturbingly cavemannish when it started to swell up from the bruises. At least I'm not slashing up my face with a knife, which I used to do in late college, going to class with welts all over my face and telling everyone that no, a cat didn't cut me, I did it to myself for being an ugly fucking loser.

looking for some help

hey guys,

It's Dreigon. I was wondering iff anyone had any advice on how to not get upset when people who check ids question you about whether or not it is indeed you. I know the obvious thing is to get my name change done, but right now i'm unable to do that. My problem is lately its like I have to explain myself to everyone and I'm just not comfortable telling the whole world. it's one thing without a community or group, but outside of friends and brothers its really not my thing. Is there anything I could do to explain or at least not get so angry when explaining to people who ask to see my id.

one other question i was curious about is if anyone has become more agnsty. Lately, about the past month or two, I seem to have changed in how i feel about fighting. Both playing around and not. I never start anything but I will finish it if needed. i'm not on T yet, but i do have increasingly high levels, according to my doctor. I don't know if this is that, or if it is because i'm trying to live into who i truely am or what. it's kind of freaking me out how much i've been changing. I was raised, or at least damn well tried (by my family) to be raised as GIRLY as possible. Now that i'm away from that enviroment, I've been growing into my skin as a man. Maybe someone can help. I'm really not sure.

Thanks! Dreigon Alexander
Holy Queercakes!


Name: Nathen/Nate

Gender: Boy all the way.

Sex: Female for the time being.

Pronouns preferred: Male

Other: I'm pre-op and pre-T, but I'll be starting T within weeks and hopefully having top surgery by April. No plans for bottom surgery at the moment, as I couldn't possibly afford it anytime in the near future.!
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Hello y'all. I'm an FTM, prefer male pronouns, and I go by Tsuyoshi here. It's a Japanese name meaning "strong man".

I'm pre-everything. I don't want to order anything to my current location, so I bind with an ace and pack with a step up from socks. I pass most of the time. It's a blessing.

This community looked good. Hence the join post.

Hello Sue I've Got Legs!!

HEllo all I just joined today (for some reason i completely forgot about looking on LJ for MtF communities, go me). anywho I go by the name Lilly A. Noodle and i'm a 22 year old Male to Female transgender. I've been on hormones since september 19th of this year. I'm out to friends but not my parents yet, my goal is to tell them by the end of this year. Most of my time is spent at work or home working on my website ( I'm not quite sure what else to say so if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Lilly A. Noodle

P.S. oh yah and i live in Massachussetts

P.P.S. I forgot my pronouns... I'll take Female Pronouns for 200 Alex.

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I am a transman and I am working with a graduate student who is collecting some information for a study on how hormones affect emotions.

As transpeople, we have a unique opportunity to help scientists understand the ways that physiology affects behavior, which could eventually help the transcommunity itself.

Will you help us by filling out a short survey? It will take less than three minutes.

Your answers will help us immensely.

Even if you have not started taking any hormones yet, your answers on this survey will help us tremendously.

Because the results of our study depend on the honesty of all participants, we ask you to share as openly and accurately as possible.

The survey can be found HERE

Thank you so very much!