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Hello and welcome to this wonderfully unique community. It looks like theres a lot of rules, but they are all simple and mainly no-brainers. So look around and we, the MODS, hope to see you in our community.


This theme will run from March 30th till when we get bored of it. Everyone is to take pictures of yourselves or anything and the pictures could be themed around a favorite song. And for the caption (for the LJ Cut) is a line from the song. And to be fun, no one tells the song they're doing (I guess we wouldn't use the chorus cause that might give it away) and at the end of the theme, if no one can guess, we tell the song we chose.

The points for the theme are as follows:
+10 for doing the theme
+15 for every picture you take yourself
+10 for every picture found on google
+5 if someone has guessed your song
+10 if no one can guess you song

Have fun!!







~Gotta have the basics~

1. Name:
2. What would you like us to call you:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Sexual preference:

~Contact information~

~To get some more knowledge of you~

6. What are your hobbies? :
7. Show us a picture of your favorite outfit. :
8. 10 of your favorite bands:
9. Show us a picture of your favorite socks or shoes (both for bonus points ^.^):
10. How did you find out about us, if a person state their username:
11. Make us laugh with a funny picture, or story:
12. Promote us in 3 communities, or journals, give us links please:
13. Put a Banner in your userinfo, and link:

~What do you think about... ~

14. Toe socks:
15. Drugs/drinking:
16. Smoking:
17. This community:
18. The MODS:
19. lawnmowers:
20. Why do you think you should be in here:

~And of course~

21. Show us atleast 3 pictures of you, no more than 15:
22. Also give us a salute, so we know it’s you:
23. Please give us a 200x200 picture for the info page.
(If you don’t know how, specify which one you would like on your info and one of the MODS will help.) :

examples of saltues

And just so its easier for you just copy and paste, hope you remember what you gotta add. *Its in the rules you were supposed to read*


Name of Mod: Sara aka Pixi
Contact information:
--AIM/AOL - pixi confused me
--Yahoo - N/A
--MSN - N/A
--E-mail - N/A
Personal journal - moontrip

Name of Mod - Rachelle aka Ray
Contact information:
--AIM/AOL - AutomaticXGirl9
--Yahoo - sesshysamaslover
--MSN - sesshyXnarakulove[@]hotmail[.]com
--E-mail - sesshysamaslover[@]yahoo[.]com
Personal journal - chseisnot4wearn





_i_am_anonymous for being fake and never posting an app.
xindsx For not posting an app.
xolfbballbabeox For being annoying AND not posting an app.
larry_scary_rex For not posting an app.
oldxredxnova For not posting an app.
mylittlepeony For not posting an app.

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Image hosting by Photobucket
ikn0wy0ukn0w for the month of MARCH
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ikn0wy0ukn0w: MARCH/2006
chseisnot4wearn: FEBRUARY/2006
chseisnot4wearn: JANUARY/2006
chseisnot4wearn: DECEMBER/2005