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so im the MOD and all, but im bored so here it goes...

1. name;age;sex: Gillian; 16; girl
2. location: Toronto
3. status: Singular...wireless ;)

4. top 10 bands: boys night out, mindless self indulgence, Panic! at the disco, blue skies at war, head automatica, dead poetic, Emanuel, from autumn to ashes, Against me!
5. top 5 movies: donnie darko, requim for a dream, henry: portrait of a serial killer, garden state, half baked
6. top 3 books: a clockwork orange; white oleander; sex, drugs and cocoapuffs
7. whats in your CD player right now: straylight run
8. last show you were at: friends bands

::This or That.
9. soup or salad: salad...mmm
10. red or green: green
11. spring or fall: fall
12. black or white: black
13. polkadots or stripes: polkadots
14. mr. sub or subway: subway
15. underwear or comando: comando what what! im free as a bird ya hurr

16. promote in three or more communities/journals, place one of our banners on your info page:


post 4-12 clear pictures of yourself:">

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