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CSI's Nick/Warrick slash community
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A community for everything slashy about Warrick Brown and Nick Stokes.


1) No flame wars. No if's, and's, or but's.

2) Include a header for fics and put fics under cuts, no matter how short they are. Here's a sample of what I'm looking for in a header:

Title: *
Author: *
Rating: *

The ones with astericks (*) are lightly required. By lightly, I mean that I won't get angry and ban you from the community if you don't put all of those, but it's just a nice guide to be polite.

3) In the fics, anything goes. Hardcore stuff (noncon, rape, bdsm, kink, violence) should all have their warnings, though. Use your own discretion. If you think it might offend someone, warn about it.

4) Keep all general CSI talk out. There are other communities for that. Stay on topic. Anything pertaining to Warrick or Nick is okay. Theories, pictures, etc, are all acceptable.

5) Don't make "Hi! I'm new!" posts. You can introduce yourself in your first post as long as you post something on topic. Since there are no problems right now, I don't care if you make intro posts. Actually, I'd love you to. Until this community gets out of control with the intros, I won't unstrike this rule.

6) BTW, requests for fics are on topic. So are challenges.

7) Please do not link fiction or graphics posts to "friends only" entries.

8) HAVE FUN. I hate all the rules, but they've gotta be there.

Former MOD: Alyssa J. (chuckjd) emilystrangeevil@aol.com

Current MODS: High_Striker (high_striker) highstriker@gmail.com
and Queer_Tactics (queer_tactics)

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COMMUNITY DISCLAIMER: All writings in here have NOTHING to do with CBS, CSI, Jerry Bruckheimer, etc. There is no money being made here. This is all for personal enjoyment. No harm intended