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___negative graphics

negative graphics
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___negative graphics is a place where i, trxgedy, post all the graphics and layouts that i make. everything is up for grabs unless otherwise stated in the specific entry. i don't want to be some stuck up maker but i do expect credit and if i find you're redistributing any of my work, or using without crediting properly, you will be removed.

this is a moderated membership community. you have to request to join and if you have followed correct rules in doing so, you will be accepted as a member. you cannot view my graphics otherwise. so i highly encourage you to read all rules before requesting to join. --- i've currently set it to open membership. just don't be a douche & steal :]

i use photoshop 7.0, paint shop pro 8, and animation shop 3, for anyone curious. i do not take requests, unless stated in an entry so do not ask. also, do not ask for customized personalizations because i don't do that either. do not ask me how i got a certain effect because chances are, i won't remember.

all i ask is that you follow the rules and respect me and my work, even if it's not that great. i spend a great deal of timeon everything i make. thanks.

if you want to find a graphic of a certain band or movie, etc... feel free to check the memories. ♥

1.) In order for me to accept your request to join, you MUST link the community in your userinfo. I have provided linkage buttons for you below. You are allowed to hotlink those buttons. FYI: I DO check your info before I accept or deny your request, and then periodically throughout the month. --- i've set it to open membership. just join/don't steal.

2.) COMMENT letting me know when you're going to be taking and using something I post.

3.) CREDIT me for whatever you take, unless I post that you should credit someone else.

4.) SAVE to your own server. Photobucket is a great picture host.

5.) Do not ask for me to make you something. I already stated I don't take requests. I also said that in the event that I do, I'll post letting you know.

6.) Do not IM me or contact me on my personal journal with concerns or questions about the community. Leave a comment here.

this is the part where i give you the specific instructions for how to credit me and my work. this is one of the most important parts :)

>> credit goes in keywords. if you are confused on how that works, do not hesitate to ask me

>> i'd appreciate if you put "made by: justxforgetme @ ___negative" but anything to that effect works

>> usually don't require credit, as i never hand draw a pixel or image used

>> if for some reason you use a blinkie by me that i actually made, credit goes wherever that blinkie is used

>> credit goes in your userinfo (anywhere in there is fine) as well as wherever it's used (if outside of your layout)

>> i'd appreciate if you put "made by: justxforgetme @ ___negative" but anything to that effect works

>> credit goes in the post that the f.o.b. is being used in.

>> i'd appreciate if you put "made by: justxforgetme @ ___negative" but anything to that effect works

>> all brushes/textures i make are made with adobe photoshop 7.0 & all files will include an image pack.

>> credit is to go in your userinfo, saying you got them from me specifically as in; brushes from ___negative (not just a general link back here).

>> if you have a resources post, then just credit ___negative in there, or even in your credit journal (if you have one)

>> do not redistribute as your own. that's worse than stealing icons in my opinion

>> proper crediting details will be posted along with whatever else i may share for grabs.

1.) Read all the rules posted with each individual layout. Some require you to have a website listed while others do not.

2.) If I have placed personal credit/s on the layout, you MUST leave them there. Otherwise you are to give me specific credit for the layout in your userinfo.

3.) Comment letting me know if you're using a layout or plan on using it.

4.) Feedback of all kinds is highly appreciated.

5.) Suggestions are welcome, but they are not a request. Just because you say "OOOH a My Chemical Romance layout would be cool," doesn't mean I have to make it, or that I even will.

6.) I will not be doing ANYONE's layout for them. If you need help, please go to one of these places:


7.) I do not mind if you edit the layouts but I'd still like some for of credit, for example:
Original Layout by: ___negative
Edited by: myself
Simple enough?

8.) ALL graphics used in my layouts are to UPLOADED TO YOUR OWN SERVER. Again, PHOTOBUCKET is great.

>> I've created a small batch of polls for members in order to help me out. Just trying to get a feel for what you all want to see, and would use. If you could please take the time to fill them out & comment on the post with details as specified per poll response, I'd really appreciate it.

>>You can find the polls in this post here.

>> THIS LAYOUT WAS MADE WITH CODES BY: tasha @ premade_ljs. I simply made a new header and divider & changed the links. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL MAKER & I SUGGEST YOU JOIN HER COMMUNITY BECAUSE HER LAYOUTS > MINE.

>> You can find examples of all my work, excluding layouts, here.

>> In order to see the layouts, you must be a member. So read the rules & join :)

>> all my resources can be found in this post here.

>> feel free to use any button provided here in your userinfo and wherever else you choose.

>> want to be one? leave me a comment here and let me know :)