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new song of the month

okay guys,
this place has been dead for the past some time.
but i wanna bring it back.
so we're all gonna vote on a new song of the month.
please post the song title of what you want to be counted as your vote/votes and I will tally them up and hopefully before the middle of end of this month, you'll have a new song.
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'Ello everyone. I used to be bang__x__scene. I swear I'm not changing my username for a long while now. Add me if you like.

I'm going on a hiatus, like our other lovely mod xxmedicationxx, for tomorrow's My Chem concert. I'll be back Saturday afternoon/Sunday. itriedbutilied will hopefully still be here to look after things.

Also..the community is slowly dying. Promote if you can & help ressurect it. ^.^

-♥-Your Loving Mod-♥-
PANIC! Time To Dance


hey guys,
your *trusty* mod Rae here.
Im taking a Haitus due to:
October 15th: Recovery day/Staten Island.

and im sorry I havent been here much. blame school. its my senior year so im really trying in school alot so there for its taking over my life. but ill be back with a review and lots and lots of pics of how my day went.
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You think you know, but you have NO idea.

Latin Fans, who watched the My Chemical Diary?????

(obviously spoilers so dont read if you dont wanna know!)

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Oh, and before I forget, people!!

lets give the guys some tongue action.Collapse )

There's also a contest on to win tickets for My Chem's show on Mexico City on Oct. 20th, and another one in Gamers for the same concert. If you're mexican (or can afford to be there by oct. 20), go check it out. G'Luck :)

[oh, and X posted like MAD]
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