So I have been searching like crazy to find this hoodie....

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I dunno if anyone else has been looking for it, but.....if you want it, they have a myspace! www.myspace.com/zombiestore or if you wanna buy it, www.tourcitystores.com

X-posted like mad, and delete if its not allowed...but I figured it would be, since Mikey has something to do with My Chemical Romance!
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Hello everyone! :-D
I'm posting to tell all of you about an new journal that I've started with my friends indeegirl & whatawaster
What is it about you might ask? well on my recent trip to new jersey to see Thursday my friends and I thought it would be funny to bring our Gerard, Frank, & Mikey action figures along for the trip and take pictures of them in random locations. After we came home we decided that it would be funny to have our action figures write letters back and forth to each other (with pictures of course) to chronicle their adventures.

Thus   dear_mcr   was created!

So if you have a minuet please go check us out and add us if you'd like. (we're going to make it friends only eventually but we wanted everyone to check it out first) and don't miss a moment of the insanity! :-D
thank you for your time :-)
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Revenged - MCR site Directory

Hey MCR webmasters and LJ COMM administrators, my name is Maria. Some of you know me, some of you don't. This message is an invitation to join a project that I just opened called Revenged, which is a Web Directory for MCR sites. We all know there are a LOT of sites out there, and my goal is to have them listed in one place, so it's easier to look and access them all. You CAN add LJ/GJ coms yo the list, and I'm hoping this one will be added:)

Anyways, I would love that if you have a site, you could join the directory, first up, to get it started and if you could help me out spread the word. I'm emailing as many MCR sites as I know, but if you know someone I would appreciate a lot if you could tell them. All the information about joining and everything can be found at the site, which is http://mcr.hopelesshearts.org.

Thanks a lot in advance and I hope that you'll join :) And well, feel free to delete if this isn't allowed. Sorry.
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Not much, but it's something...

Hey guys! Latin Fan here, I was just watching the guys at the VMALAs winners show, and I come bearing goodies thx to my super kickass new computer (yay) and my cam. I've got three clips (kinda sad that they are super short) of the boys, one of them is the group (except Mikey) being stalked by an MTV DJ (pardon his annoyance, man, he sounds even worse in english) who gives them their award, rather funny. The other two clips are very small clips, one about how they felt about performing at the VMALAs and the other one about how they were tracking Wilma (the Hurricane, lol what were you thinking?)... VERY short, but that was all of them that the whole 2 1/2 special showed... I'ma watch it tomorrow to see if I missed something but I sadly think not. Also sorry they're kinda on the big side, but I'm kinda new at this ripping thing lol and I went for quality a bit.

Anyways... onto the links. MegaUpload, 'cause YSI hates my butt:

MCR accepting their VMALA Award (all except mikey)


MCR & GC talking about how they felt about performing at the VMALAs


MCR about Hurricane Wilma and how they kept track


Oh, and I threw in a bit of Good Charlotte in the 2nd so it wouldn't be like, a raw cut. So if you don't like 'em just hang on for a couple seconds in there. Srry.

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Ok and that's it. Happy Holidays!!!!

oh, P.S. = for the latin fans out there...Collapse )

[ X POSTED LIKE I'M A CRAZY OBSESSED PERSON.... bcoz i actually am. but in a good way (I hope!)]
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Does anyone know if they could get recordings/copies of:

My Chemical Romance Hijack Kerrang! Radio

The flavour of the year, Goth Punks My Chemical Romance are taking over our airwaves from 7pm Monday to Thursday THIS WEEK. Playing their favourite bands and answering your questions.

Anyone know if they could, or where to find them?