demolitionn (demolitionn) wrote in ___my_chem_love,

'They make Me Do Push-Ups in Drag'
hi im new

im not sure if im supposed to put this here, if not, just delete this.

'They make Me Do Push-Ups in Drag' so I Know You Read the Rules.

Favorite My Chem Member: gerard and ray
Favorite Song[s]: vampires will never hurt you and shut up and play
Favorite Album:err.... bullets.
When Did You Start Liking My Chem?: two years ago
Why Do You Heart My Chem?: very much
If You Had The Chance To Either Poke Ray's Fro, Wear Mikey's Glasses, Take One Of Bob's Drums When He Wasn't Looking, Stroke The Frankie Hair, Or Snatch-Crack Gee's Leather Jacket..Which Would You Do?: take bobs drum stick then poke rays fro with it :-P
Anything Else You Wanna Share[optional]: not really.

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