_bexmyxescape_ (_bexmyxescape_) wrote in ___my_chem_love,


Name: Nickki
Age: 15
Location: Michigan
Favorite My Chem Member: i don't really have a favorite.
Favorite Song[s]: Demolition lovers, To the end, thank you for the venom, and You know what they do to guys like us in prison
Favorite Album: thats really hard but i think it would be bullets for me.
When Did You Start Liking My Chem?:The first time i heard the song 'Demolition Lovers'
Why Do You Heart My Chem?: because they are five amazing guys, and they have saved my life, and their music makes you feel like you have a purpose, and they are all really nice, caring people.
Anything Else You Wanna Share: MY CHEM ROCKS!! and the new dvd is amazing!
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