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Hello everyone! :-D
I'm posting to tell all of you about an new journal that I've started with my friends indeegirl & whatawaster
What is it about you might ask? well on my recent trip to new jersey to see Thursday my friends and I thought it would be funny to bring our Gerard, Frank, & Mikey action figures along for the trip and take pictures of them in random locations. After we came home we decided that it would be funny to have our action figures write letters back and forth to each other (with pictures of course) to chronicle their adventures.

Thus   dear_mcr   was created!

So if you have a minuet please go check us out and add us if you'd like. (we're going to make it friends only eventually but we wanted everyone to check it out first) and don't miss a moment of the insanity! :-D
thank you for your time :-)
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