Allison (allencheers) wrote in ___my_chem_love,

Hey everyone! My name is Allison - and I need your help - please click the cut below to help me out. I’ll love you forever.

After the VMAS, a friend and I were really upset that MCR hadn't won ANY awards, and I thought that we should make them their own award and send it to them. And it absolutely BROKE my heart when I watched them perform, because I could tell that they were upset that they hadn't won any awards. So, I took an index card box, and I covered it in little decorations, and such, and then asked you people online for comments of things that they wished to say to mcr. I got an overwhelming response, and I printed and cut all the comments out, put them in my box, and sent them to a friend who knows Frank and gave him the box.

Well, I have a new idea.
I want to send them more comments.

So! This is what I want from you people.

I need a short((doesn't have to be one or 2 lines, but it can't be a story. so, we'll say between 1-10 lines.)) comment for the boys on;

-how they've helped you
-how they've saved you
-how they're your role models
-how they're music rocks
-how a specific member or members have helped you
-whatever the hell you want.
(Personals to Ray, Mikey and Bob would be most needed - but Gerard and Frank would be cool too.)

It's pretty open minded, and then, I need your name - pref. First and last and location - doesn't have to be precise, but, some sort of state//country location would be helpful. If it’s long, I’ll cut it down a little bit - but I’ll keep the important parts.

Dear MCR/ insert band member’s name(s) here:
You rock my world. I am nothing without you.
Allison Best
Rochester, New York

Please - email me your comments because I'm posting this request everywhere and I won't be able to keep up with it all - and I really want your voice to be heard. Title the email "Immortality." Thanks!!

I will print them, cut ‘em, bag ‘em, ‘lope ‘em, send ‘em and my friend will give the band the second round of comments.


-thank you SO much.. I'll tell you more, when I find out more.

Love Always,

((Ps - feel free to IM me if you have questions or if you just want to talk about the MCR awesomeness - TheAngelsUnknown <3333))
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