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Not much, but it's something...

Hey guys! Latin Fan here, I was just watching the guys at the VMALAs winners show, and I come bearing goodies thx to my super kickass new computer (yay) and my cam. I've got three clips (kinda sad that they are super short) of the boys, one of them is the group (except Mikey) being stalked by an MTV DJ (pardon his annoyance, man, he sounds even worse in english) who gives them their award, rather funny. The other two clips are very small clips, one about how they felt about performing at the VMALAs and the other one about how they were tracking Wilma (the Hurricane, lol what were you thinking?)... VERY short, but that was all of them that the whole 2 1/2 special showed... I'ma watch it tomorrow to see if I missed something but I sadly think not. Also sorry they're kinda on the big side, but I'm kinda new at this ripping thing lol and I went for quality a bit.

Anyways... onto the links. MegaUpload, 'cause YSI hates my butt:

MCR accepting their VMALA Award (all except mikey)

MCR & GC talking about how they felt about performing at the VMALAs

MCR about Hurricane Wilma and how they kept track

Oh, and I threw in a bit of Good Charlotte in the 2nd so it wouldn't be like, a raw cut. So if you don't like 'em just hang on for a couple seconds in there. Srry.

1. WHERE THE ^#$&%(^#$@ WAS MIKEY?????!!! man. all i wanted to see was him... [/fangirl]
2. I'm still debating if I like Bob's hair or not. Sometimes I think it's cool, sometimes I wish he would get a haircut.
3. Bob is MY HERO. The whole speaker thing = random brilliance. WORD.
5. Man, Frank spoke in ALL of the last clip. Yah, it was like, 5 seconds long but still... haha.
6. Rawr at Frank's beard-ish thing going on. Srsly.

Ok and that's it. Happy Holidays!!!!

Man, WTF is this Panda thing? Teenies, get a life. They're both good, and srsly, they songs might be kinda simlar but it's not like OHMIGOD they wrote the same th1n9!!11on3!. Whatever. Goshhhhhh it was even on that dumb MTV News thing. How embarrasing. Oh, and giggles at the fact that the MTV girl couldn't say fucking on TV. She should have, it's part of the damn song title.

[ X POSTED LIKE I'M A CRAZY OBSESSED PERSON.... bcoz i actually am. but in a good way (I hope!)]
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