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Name: Kati

Age: 14 (almost 15, but wise beyond my years. *nods firmly*

Location: missouri (thats in the USofA, for those of u who don't know. ˆˆ)

Favorite My Chem Member: Frank Iero or Bob... maybe Gerard, he's cool.

Favorite Song[s]: Our Lady of Sorrows, You Know What they Do to Guys like us in Prison, Give em' hell kid, tyftV, headfirst for halos, and demolition lovers.

Favorite Album: three cheers for sweet revenge

When Did You Start Liking My Chem?: over the summer.

Why Do You Heart My Chem?: their thoughtful and thought-provoking lyrics, kinda inurface attitude, whole image and atmosphere around them, cinimaticly brilliant videos, and 5 really handsome guys doesn't hurt much either.

If You Had The Chance To Either Poke Ray's Fro, Wear Mikey's Glasses, Take One Of Bob's Drums When He Wasn't Looking, Stroke The Frankie Hair, Or Snatch-Crack Gee's Leather Jacket..Which Would You Do?: so hard to decide... the torosaurus is so tempting w/ the fro but i'm gonna have to say TAKE ONE OF BOB'S DRUMS WHEN HE WASN'T LOOKING!!!! :-D

Anything Else You Wanna Share[optional]: er.... just check my profile if u want to know more, or visit my myspace, xanga, etc. i'm writing a Ferard (frankie/gerard) fic that will be posted shortly, or at least ASAP. i've never been to a my chem show, and it makes me very sad. @_@
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