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So Vanitys' Got This Gun...

And She Wants To Use It On You

You are all HxC Beauties.
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Our names are Megan and Melinda, and if your reading this then youve found out about our oh so wonderful community! This community is basically for all of our hardcore users here at live journal. if your into Rap, Pop or anything along those lines, sorry but this community isent for you.
We made this community for emo/hardcore kids to get to know one another and to meet people with the same interests. It's just basically a chill spot. but to join we do have a few rules to follow and an application that you have to fill out. nothing to extreem and the rules are simple.

1.Please no fighting in the community, if you dont like someone deal with it outside of the community.
2.Try not to be to mean to anyone.
3.Promote the community to all of your livejournal frineds!
4.Be yourself, no one can stand fake people.
5.Do not join if you are not going to be an active user.
6.You must post your application
7.You have to wait for either Melinda or myself to tell you if you are a member or not.


Basic stuff...

tell us about yourself...
5.Tell Melinda and I something interesting about yourself.
6.Tell us about the type of person you are...say anything you would like us to know.
7.Why do you think we should let you into this community?
8.who is the person the influences you the most?

Tell us about your musical taste...
9.Name a few of your all time favorite bands.
10.Name a few of the people or bands that you love to hate.
11.What song best describes you? Why?
12.What is your all time favorite cd?

What are your opinions on....
13.Drug/alcohol use
16.Homosexual relationships

Just out of curiosity how did you hear about this site?

Random stuff...
17.Favorite movie
18.Can you tell us what "you make me wanna la la" means? i have yet to figure that out. but then again it did come out of the mouth of ashlee simpson...
19.Best show ever
20.What do you want to do with your life
21.do you consider yourself "liked"
22.Who is the sexiest person alive