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Basic stuff...
1.Name: Nikki
2.Age: 16
3.Gender: chica
4.Location: Stratford, CT

tell us about yourself...
5.Tell Melinda and I something interesting about yourself.
I have a large collection of Jone's soda bottles on a shelf in my room.
6.Tell us about the type of person you are...say anything you would like us to know.
-OKAY! Wellll.. I'm so outgoing it's not even funny.. and cause of that I always
have to be out doing things and if I'm stuck in my house sitting and by my lonesome I
drive myself crazy.  I'm generally nice but I only give people one chance to prove that they are
someone I can trust and if they screw it up then I will not like them very much.  I'm told I'm
funny but you'll have to decide for yourself.  I'm really big on standing up for myself and
I don't take shit from anyone, so I'm obviously a generally tough gal.  I can't stand backstabbers
(who doesn't) and I absolutly CAN'T STAND people who pretend to be something they aren't just to impress
others and try way too hard to do it that it's so obvious.  Geez, just be true to yourself. Yep, that's pretty
much it everything else you can find out for yourself.
7.Why do you think we should let you into this community?
-'Cause I rock. Nah, just kidding. Because I'm loving your explanation
of the community and it sounds rad and I like idea.
8.who is the person the influences you the most?
-Yeah, yeah, I'm getting sappy... my mommy.
Tell us about your musical taste...
9.Name a few of your all time favorite bands.
-As I Lay Dying
-Poison the Well
-The Black Dahlia Murder
-It Dies Today
10.Name a few of the people or bands that you love to hate.
-My Chemical Romance
-Good Charlotte
-Paris Hilton
-Ashlee Simpson
11.What song best describes you? Why?

-"Aspirin Free" - AFI

12.What is your all time favorite cd?
"The Opposite of December"

What are your opinions on....
13.Drug/alcohol use
-Okay, personally I feel it's rather stupid. Alright, alright people try to say that it's a way to "get away from
everything" or to "have fun".  HELLO?! I'm so terribly sorry, I don't see the fun in getting drunk and hurting
or even killing someone.  Also, if you need a substance to help you deal with your life then
you are pretty damn weak there are so many things you can do to let out anger and/ or stress- play a sport or
pick up a hobby or get some serious help.
-Oh boy.. alright, basically going with everything I just said there's no reason for it and I
can't stand when people cut just to be cutting and just to get attention because they think
it makes them look "depressed".  Kay, life is what you make of it and if you seriously can't get
around the fact that you think your life is soooo horrible- get a counselour.  get serious help. now.
Kay, punch a pillow or something- just don't mutilate yourself because it's really not cool.
-Ohhh where do I start... kay, i totally am all for letting people do their own thing, but if it's your own thing-
MAKE IT YOUR OWN THING! Don't go to hot topic and buy everything in sight that everyone else has.  Don't lie to us and
say you are an individual and hate labels then go and dress like 50,000 other people.  We don't like that.  Also, people
that claim they're something and don't know SHIT about it really piss me off.
16.Homosexual relationships
-Okay, seeing as I'm not a guy, girls and girls kinda gross me out and guys on guys seriously gross me
out too, but as long as I'm not the one they're hitting on, it really doesn't bother me.  So a guy or
a girl is gay, alright just don't flaunt it too much around me, please!!

Just out of curiosity how did you hear about this site?
-Looking up communities interested in It Dies Today.

Random stuff...
17.Favorite movie- Mean Girls
18.Can you tell us what "you make me wanna la la" means? i have yet to figure that out. but then again it did come out of the mouth of ashlee simpson...
-HAHA! AMEN! WELL.. actually.. yeah.. I seriously think it means to have sex or something.. orgasm, maybe?  Hey.. who knows!
19.Best show ever
20.What do you want to do with your life
-Go to college, study journalism and hopefully be a magazine editor.  i plan on hopefully getting married,
but there's noo way i'm having kids because i can't really deal with them- they're soo ANNOYING!
21.do you consider yourself "liked"
-Yep, for the most part.  I am hated by some and liked by others.  So I say it evens itself out nicely.
22.Who is the sexiest person alive
-Two words: Smith. Puget.

andd.. here's a pic, just in case. x3 nikki


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