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Basic stuff...
1.Name: Teri
2.Age: 19
3.Gender: XX marks the spot
4.Location: New Jersey

tell us about yourself...
5.Tell Melinda and I something interesting about yourself.
I'm a body piercer and co-owner of a tattoo studio.
6.Tell us about the type of person you are...say anything you would like us to know.
I don't have time for people racking up "scene points." I support my local FSU and I do dance at shows.
7.Why do you think we should let you into this community?
Because I fit the bill for teh kind of people you've created it for.
8.who is the person the influences you the most?
My business partners do. We're like a family. I base most of my life around them.

Tell us about your musical taste...
9.Name a few of your all time favorite bands.
The Misifts, All That Remains, All Out War, Sick of it All, Shai Hulud, glassJAw, Converge, Terror, Strength in Numbers
10.Name a few of the people or bands that you love to hate.
Fuck Nikki Fresh and the rest of the fake-ass scene whores... Oh. and fuck Fall Out Boy.
11.What song best describes you? Why?
Alkaline Trio "We've had Enough".... because i have.
12.What is your all time favorite cd?
Slayer "Reign in Blood"
What are your opinions on....
13.Drug/alcohol use
Do what you want, I'm too damn old to give a shit. Just don't push it on me.
You mean liek self mutilation? its for idiots. if you want to bleed and hurt, get your tongue pierced.
they just shouldnt get in my way.
16.Homosexual relationships
i've had a few...

Just out of curiosity how did you hear about this site? I searched under "All That Reamins"

Random stuff...
17.Favorite movie
Pulp Fiction
18.Can you tell us what "you make me wanna la la" means? i have yet to figure that out. but then again it did come out of the mouth of ashlee simpson...
What? That doesnt even make sense? WTF is that shit? Are you kidding me?
19.Best show ever
The Addams Family
20.What do you want to do with your life
I'm already doing it.
21.do you consider yourself "liked"
yup. i hurt people for a living. they pay and respect me because i stab them.
22.Who is the sexiest person alive
Justin Toro.

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