New member - New Moon Child fanfic series "Mirror"

Title of Fanfiction: Mirror
Warnings: angst, violence, sex, language
Rating: Mature
Characters: Kei (main focus) and Sho, also includes the other characters and no OC (probably)
Disclaimer: The point in fanfiction is that i don't own the original story, Moon child belongs to it's rightful owners.
Special notes for chapter: This chapter doesn't have any sexually related stuff in it, nor any real violence. It does have a little bit of swearing though but nothing horrible.

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some fics

1. Good Night. 
 Pairing: implied KeixSho (wow, that's a surprise)
 Disclaimer: I do not, by any means, own Moon Child or anything related...
I wish I owned Kei though, I love that vampire.
rating: PG?  
wow... there's no angst...


Read more...Collapse )2.  You Hold me.
Rating: PG?
OOOOH YESSSS!!!  I OWN MOONCHILD.... yes this was obviously sarcasm.

You hold meCollapse )
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[Fanfiction] What Is Love? - I. Love Is A Beginning

Title: What Is Love?
Part: 1 of 3
Author: inkcharm_666
Fandom: Moonchild
Characters: Kei, Sho
Warnings: fluff, sexual references
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Moonchild, Kei, Sho or anything that awesome at all, really.
Notes: Dedicated to plain_ornament for too many reasons to name here, given to you all for Christmas. Ho ho ho~

[ What Is Love? - I. Love Is A Beginning ]
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[Fanfiction] Moon Children Chronicles 06

Title: Moon Children Chronicles 06: White Lie
Warnings: fluff-fest
Rating: G
Characters: Kei, Sho
Disclaimer: The movie Moonchild and its characters are sole property of their creators. I have no rights to them whatsoever. This story merely borrows them. I make no money with this story.
Note: All Parts of the MCC-series are standalones and can be read seperately.

Summary: Not all lies are bad. Some of them can help two souls connect.

*NEW!* [ MCC 06: White Lie ]

MCC 01: Calamity
MCC 02: Treasure
MCC03: Candles
MCC 04: Farewell
MCC 05: Hero

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[Fanfiction] A Million Sparks

Author: inkcharm_666 
Title: A Million Sparks
Warnings: one-shot, fluff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Moonchild does not belong to me, nor do its characters or anything else related to the movie. I make no profit out of this story, it is written merely for fun and entertainment of other fans. Yadda yadda.
Notes: Dedicated to plain_ornament - thank you for the colours.

Summary: Kei watched the fireworks; Sho watched his face instead.

[ A Million Sparks ]