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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Mirage.

Mirage is an online, livejournal based J-rock RPG Community. All characters from the J-rock and visual world are welcomed, as well as solo artists and some Korean/Chinese singers. The community itself is for character requests, logs and questions. I must ask you all to keep everything else In Character, or otherwise comment and inform us all that the post is OOC.

+ Role playing will take place through Aim mostly, or may take place through the character journals, depending on preference.
+ Although there is no limit to how many characters you may have, I must ask you not to take on too many characters if you cannot handle the responsibility of looking after them all.
+ PLEASE HAVE REASONABLE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CHARACTER. Because this is a REAL LIFE RPG, I must insist that you know the role of your character very well and not make them too out of character because that can cause problems amongst the players. Of course, we don't know just HOW the individuals act in real life so our perceptions can never be 100% correct, a good knowledge of the personality is necessary.
+ Please post all logs under an LJ cut (( < lj-cut text="Your Text Here" > )) and put a warning if there is sex, violence or anything else that may offend a reader.
+ The RPG is MATURE. Although I won't demand an age limit, I must insist that people pay attention to the meaning of the word. This means there will most probably be angst, yaoi, difficult situations etc. Please deal with it.
+ Correct grammar is essential. For example 'TyPiN lYK3 D!s!' Will not be tolerated --;


+ Please have a character journal for the muse. This means, a separate one from your own journal. This is necessary for this RPG so the character has the ability to record their feelings and views.
+ Please have an AIM name. A lot of role playing is done through aol instant messenger, so it would be really helpful if you had one.
+ Please update your character journals AT LEAST twice a month. Even short, pointless posts are appreciated.
+ If you are away, please inform the moderator. This is so they won't clamp down on you! ^^;
+ DON'T control other people's characters. No killing, no extreme hurting, no control of the character UNLESS YOU HAVE THE OTHER MUN'S PERMISSION. For example, if there is a fight, and your character is insistent on breaking bones, ASK Beforehand.

Now I know some OOC Disputes can't be avoided. But I must plead with you NOT to let it interfere with the characters. If there are difficulties, then please try and overcome them, otherwise contact the moderator. Please do not ruin the fun role playing experience by involving the characters in feuds which can be AVOIDED.


+ Please join the community with your characters journal, and fill out this form for us. ^__^ +

Character's Name :
Band they are from:
Characters' Journal:
Your Name:
Your AIM:

Thank you so much! I assure you, I'm nice, despite the *ahem* collection of rules! ^-^

If you have any questions either aim me at Orangepoisondoll or e-mail me at lakise@hotmail.com

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Dir en grey

Die:squish_squish aim: Hannusquish
Kyo:garden_of_faith aim: xx mr fxxker
Shinya:kanjou aim: graphic noise
Kaoru:orgasm__ aim: glitteredxxx
Toshiya:__tease__ aim: ladylakise


Gackt:gackts_magnum aim: Gacktsxmagnum
You:roseviolin aim: kurosakiyou
Masa:broken_wing16 aim: Deityoftime9

Malice Mizer

Yu~ki:bampairato aim: Chocolatexyuki
Klaha:devilswings aim>:XxsumireOhtorixX
Mana:nocturnal_mana aim:mana0sama
Kami:kami_sama_ aim: etanaaru kami
Kozi:vampire_kozi aim: Jakato

(ex) X Japan

Yoshiki:divine_memories aim: ladylakise
Pata:remindyou aim: kurosakiyou

Psycho le Cemu
Aya:pink_aya aim:GothicLolitaChan

Shwartz Stein
Kaya:decadent_queen aim: decedent queen


Hyde:heavensdrive aim:XxSumireOhtorixX


Daisuke infectionxx aim: syringe fatale


Miyavi: __please_me__ aim: ladyrikse