[Selling] A whole load of mayday stuff

Hi everyone :)

I'm selling a whole load of mayday collectibles over at my lj, please take a look! You're bound to find something you're interested in! :)

Items include rare items (fan sets, pen sets, figurine sets, calendar etc.) with their cartoon images (from the days before masa went to army), posters, some albums (autographed), T-shirts, Final Home concert merchandise etcetc!! Prices are stated in SGD, and I ship from Singapore to anywhere as long as the buyer pays for postage; payment by paypal for international buyers :)

( follow the fake cut to the sales entry! )

Thanks for looking! :)
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Hi all, I'm looking for Mayday's 《下课后,怪兽家点名!》I know it was published like 4 years ago but I'm really interested in getting it. Anyone knows of anywhere that sells it in Sg? I've been to Kinokuniya but it's out of stocks, and many websites have stated that it's out of stocks too. Please help. Thanks! : )

Ashin's journal?

Hello I was browsing before in the past and I've noticed that Ashin's has his own blog,

however I've lost the link...
If somebody knows the link to his blog please forward it to me, cos I remember in Ashin's blog, he updates a lot of his personal pictures :)

please help?
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Final JUMP! in Malaysia

Mayday's JUMP! Tour finally hit it's last leg in Malaysia two nights ago. Been meaning to share this earlier but I was too drained and incoherent from the concert and is still sore all over

The setlist that nightCollapse )

The concert lasted roughly about three hours ( Masa is a liar. He promised they'll perform for three hours and talk and talk and talk for another three hours the last time they came here for the concert promotion XDD ) -- and of course, it felt far too short ;3;

Personally, I loved the setlist but hated the venue but they performed their latest single and strangely ( but amazingly &hearts ) 洋蔥/Onion so all was right &hearts I missed them already as they were playing around on the stage after the encore splashing water at each other ;__; Wouldn't be able to make it to their new "Back to Earth" tour in Singapore the coming weekend so for those who are going .. HAVE FUN!
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