To The Community.

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't been posting in here for so long. And I'm also sorry for not participating in the scav. hunts. I had to move out of my stepdad's house and move in with a friend. So I don't have my regular computer, I have to use hers. So please forgive me when I don't participate, I can't download or save any pictuers on her computer: it's her mother's. I hope that you all understand. Thank you! <333Jess
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Scavenger Hunt!!

I've seen these in other communities, and they look fun!
We're not on a point system, which is totally fine with me... So this will be just for fun and to keep up the activity.
Please find at least 7 of the 10 items listed! (Using google, your own pictures, anything!)

1. IHOP logo/sign/etc
2. A troll with multicolored hair
3. A guy with a cowboy hat on horseback
4. A girl with green braces
5. The aftermath of someone eating crazy colored candy (Purple tongue, blue teeth, etc)
6. Someone with at least two unnatural colors dyed in their hair
7. Mating ladybugs
8. A big-time celebrity without makeup/fixed hair/fancy clothing
9. Really grody toenails
10. A cat in water

Now get goin' and have fun!

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Through the week of the May 15- May 21, the community theme will be babies!
You may post pictures of yourself as a baby or a young child, you may also post pictures of your nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, etc. But they must be related to you. Don't just google up cute babies.
Throughout the week, we'll be voting on the cutest baby photos and the next theme.

Let's get started!

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