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___manicurez's Journal

Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

Please read all of these rules before posting an appilcation.


001.All applications must be placed under a LJ cut.
002.Applications must be posted within 24 hours of Joining.
003.Please make sure you complete allapplication.
004.We are one of the honest rating communities, so please be prepared for truthful and opinionated comments.
005.>When responding to a comment on an application please put RESPOND in the subject line, unless your replying to a SWAY ME.
006.Make your application FREINDS ONLY, otherwise it'll be deleted.
007.After 10 members have voted (mods vote counts as 2), you will be stamped accepted or rejected.
008.All SWAY ME'S must be done.
009.Don't edit the application form in any way.
010.No rich text please.
011.Change the words 'An Application' to 'Can You See My Beauty Within?'.
012.If rejected, please feel free to try again.
013.Don't cause an arguement with the mods or members.
014.Most importantly, be yourself.


001.Be active!!
002.Participate in the themes and contests etc.
003.Please comment on other members posts as often as you can.
004.When voting on an applicant, explain why you voted like you did.
005.If posting pictures or long posts, please use a LJ cut.
006.Make all entries FRIENDS ONLY or they shall be deleted.
007.Respect the mods and members.
008.Please don't promote here.
009.Promote when bored!!
010.Have fun and make friends!!

Here are the communities mods!


-Single but interested in someone
-Email her here
-Read her mock application here


-New York
-You will see her on Broadway.
-Email her here
-Read her mock application here

Here are our applications, please choose one to submit as your application.

Regular Application 1

Regular Application 2

We love all our members loads and
would like to thank them for being themselves. ♥


MOTM Priveledges

-You get to put MOTM on posts, like the mods put MOD!
-Your votes count as 2!
-You get double points!
-1 auto accept/reject on any applicant!
-Can hold a discussion or contest!
-Be a queen/king for the month!

Want to become one aswell??
Let one of our mods know!!