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[2/14/06 @ 8:21pm]

I have decided to close this community. I am sorry for doing this.
As you can see we are totally dead & I apoligise to the moderators and members. Love you all xx
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[2/14/06 @ 8:20pm]

At the moment, I feel as though I'm starting a new chapter in my life and I want to change some of the old stuff. I am not certain why I feel this way there has just been alot of things happening to me lately, mostly bad. I haven't been active for awhile and now I have sorted through my problems, I feel bored with the LiveJournal. I want to create a new LiveJournal and I am sorry to say I will be leaving this community. I may join again with my new account I may not. It's been a blast while it lasted guys and I would like to thank everyone whos been so kind to me, I will definatley be asking you to be friends with me on my new account. I love you all, peace. <3 x x x
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Can you see my bueaty within? [2/1/06 @ 6:50pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Can you see my bueaty within?Collapse )

Thank yaa x :)

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stamped//picturesss. [1/17/06 @ 5:14pm]

Yeahh. Here are some pictures.
I'd love it if you told me which ones 'work' and which ones dont =D

# 0. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

+ 20 moreee.Collapse )
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Like whoa. [1/16/06 @ 11:06pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Gosh, I'm bored like woahhh.

So, I've got a question for you all. [actually...two.]

Bit o' help?Collapse )

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[1/16/06 @ 1:05pm]

Can you seee the beauty within?Collapse )

Thank yaa x :)
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[1/7/06 @ 7:22pm]

Sorry I havent updated in a while, I have been rpging lmao, how sad is that? Anyways we went to the movies with my softball team today, we saw fun with Dick and Jane, it was ok I guess lol, I expected it to be funnier. Anyways, no matter what were doing, we always have fun together. And...I have picturesCollapse )
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[1/6/06 @ 4:34pm]

Hey. I'm just passing on the message that X3_jinislove's pc is down so is getting fixed.
She'll be active and ready to mod back when it's fixed though

bye bye xx
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[12/24/05 @ 4:15pm]



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