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Hey! Congrats to our two newest members! I have been waiting for things to start up a bit, and it seems like things are finally picking up. I am going to ask everyone for a 150x150 picture of yourself, so that we can post it in the userinfo for ___magikal. If you have any trouble, please inform me (xopinktears) or</span>magical_krystal to get help. I will add a section on the application so that new members will give us one
when they apply.

A word on promoting: I advise you not to promote too much in one day through commenting. I got a warning from Livejournal that I will be
suspended if I do that again, because it is considered spamming. I honestly did not know that. Just goes to show how much I promote! :D

And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for...or at least I've been waiting for it.... Challenges!

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