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Name: Dan
Age: 14
Location: maine
Do you like boys or girls?: i liek both
Dating Status (pictures?): i hav a grlfriend
Describe your personal style: i m emo
Beauty Secrets: im emo duh
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: 30 minutse
Tell us something interesting about you: i just luv chocolate
Your best feature: i luv everyone but so many h8 me
Favorite Quotes: 'if i fail at least i tried' slpknot
What is sexy to you?: girls
Make us laugh: im emo i dont laugh i cry
Which celebrity do you think is most sexy?: jlo

Bands: thepostal service
Movies: napolian dinamite
Magazines: video gams
Stores: hot topic
Color:black lik e my brocken heart
TV Shows: spongbob

How did you find this community? (Please provide a username): i found it

Why should we accept you?: im emo liek u
An opinion you feel strongly about: i h8 fags and bush and aborshin
What do you think of the mods?: theyr emo 2 so its kewl

Post at least 5 or more pictures of you and at least one picture of something you love (so at least six). Do not exceed 10 photos or you will be auto-rejected.

i dun have pics
Andrew 2 ; mixedtapeforher

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mod post

I thought I said this before but.....
THIS COMMUNITY HAS MOVED TO tres_hott because this one kind of died. We are auto-accepting so you will get in for sure.
We have superlatives, member of the month, scavenger hunt, mr/miss tres hott, points, theme, challenges, pretty much everything and I would love it if you all applied.



I am leaving, I am reapply later on school croos country and cheerleading is alot for me right now plus trying to keep a 3.5 - 4.0 gpa it is crazy for me. I may reapply later on in the year but if you need me you can comment in my journal. You can add me if you want feel free to. Talk to you all later on,

♥ Marla