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all about my mother

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[01 Dec 2005|07:16am]

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Does Anyone Hear Me ? [15 May 2005|08:30am]
My mother died two years ago. She had cancer and I saw a strong woman waste away from a disease that destryed her youth, strength and vitality. We were very close. She raised me on her own and their are no other siblings.

Since she died I have been free falling. I have been very self-destructive. Ruining mine and umintentionally others too. I am very remorseful and regretful. So many things I wish to tell her. She would give me strength when I couldn't go on and I have now found myself lost and lonely.

No one understands and no one cares. All the people I know have parents who are there for them and siblings who are there for them too. A network of friends and family to lean on. I don't not anymore. Seems I am not worthy of love or loyalty.I'm a throw away. A person who temporarily is there to take from and when your finished you throw me away.

I miss her profoundly and hope that someday I'll see her again. Lord knows I've been trying.
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hmm... [29 Nov 2004|09:21pm]

just thought you guys might be interested.

Mother's the word.

The wordlist ... emerged after the council asked more than 7,000 learners in 46 countries what they considered the most beautiful words in English language. Some 35,000 other people registered their favourites in an online poll run in the non-English speaking countries where the council operates.

"It's interesting that mother, the only word of the 70 that describes a direct relationship between people, came top of the poll," said Greg Selby, the council's communications and marketing officer, who managed the project.'

and for the record, i didn't participate in the survey, even though it came up when i was visiting the British Council's Indian site. :[
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sometimes I look at my mother [17 Nov 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

and feel amazed by how youthful her face is. I'm aging disgracefully at eighteen, she's got those faraway girldreamy eyes...

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[16 Nov 2004|01:55pm]

My Mam's birthday is coming up on the 22nd. I always stew over this particular event because I feel a gift hardly shows my gratitude for her existence and her place as my lovely Mam. *stews
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mod post. [16 Nov 2004|08:35pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Before we start

a few simple 'no's.

No misogyny (ha)
No blatantly offtopic posts (which means you can talk about other members of your family; it's just best if it's all related, youknow)
No flaming other members.

Oh, and if you don't feel comfortable making public posts... you're welcome to make them friends-only.

& that's it.

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