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heres an idea
for those of you that have digital cameras
its actually from my dads journal
(my dad is a blogger and we get along)
But anyways this is his idea

"March 22nd is in the middle of the week. nothing special about it, all i did was open my calendar and look at a day. that was the day I picked. Here is the challenge, record that day in picture format only. no words, no captions, no explanations. Just words. lets see how that works and what it awakens in some of you out there."

What I've been up to.

Nothing really. Myspace is pretty much my life. I started reading this book called DonorBoy its about this guy that donates sperm to these lesbians so they can have a child. The moms die when the girl is 15 and the donor has to take care of her cause he's on the birth certificate. So far its pretty good.

I'm failing Geometry, so I was just going to take summer school. But I was just informed that if I don't try in their, I'm stuck with 120 hours of summer school that I'd have to pay for instead of 60 hours thats free if I do try.

I got dumped the day before Valentines day. no biggie I'm mostly over it.

My back hurts.
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