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son youve got a full blown case of what is known as jellybones.

but this is love so well survive.

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terror_eyes_♥miss lindsay.


tuezmoi♥miss kelsey.

♥your hot mods.

//rules for applicants//

♥one. before youre accepted. post only your application.
♥two. you must apply within twenty four hours of joining.
♥three. you must have at least one picture that clearly shows your face.
♥four. lj cut everything but your survey. or well cut you.
♥five. do not vote until you are accepted.
♥six. youre not accepted until one of the mods stamps you.
♥seven. take in what we may dish out. don't get bitchy. thats our job.
♥eight. once youre stamped. you must invite five people. tell us who. and then you will be added to the accepted members list. failure to do this will get you kicked out.
♥nine. to prove you read the rules: title your application "i wish _______." and fill in the blank.

//rules for members//

♥ two. dont be afraid to say whatever you want to applicants. youre the member. not them.
♥ three. post pictures! we accepted you now we want to see your pretty faces.
♥ four. NO TEXT POSTS. unless youre a mod.

//the application//

♥one. name:
♥two. age:
♥three. location:
♥four. sexual preference:
♥five. five bands:
♥six. four movies:
♥seven. three books:
♥eight. two things:
♥nine. one joke: [NO MORE FUCKING MICHEAL JACKSON JOKES. kthanks.]
♥ten. a 200x200 picture for the accepted members page: [NOTE!!! if its not exactly 200x200 i will make you redo it. so dont even bother unless you have one.]
♥eleven. who invited you:
♥twelve. minimum of four pictures:

//sister communities//

blablablah & hotljers
[join them or die bitches.]

♥accepted members♥