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ABOUT This is not a requesting community. If you want a requesting community, I suggest you search layout requests. Some makers may, actually, make a post saying they will take a certain number of requests. These will be strictly maker-only, and will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

Layouts will be nearly ready for your use, occasionally you will need a website, or will need to put your username in the links. If you need help with that, then I'd be only too happy to help. Also, you will always need to load the image to your own host/server. I will never post the picture in the code, and don't try direct linking the image I put up to let people save. If bandwidth gets to high, I will just transfer all the images and you won't have a background.

I always use generator as my journal type, and that's how these are made. So unless a maker specifically says "this layout is for *insert journal type here*", put it on generator.

My computer is on an 800x600 resolution, so most of my layouts will be made to this size. Some, however, should work on larger resolutions. They may not look as good that way, though.

RULES There really aren’t that many rules and the ones there are aren't hard to follow.
1. I know I require at least a link in your userinfo if you are using a layout of mine, and even some will have a link in the layout itself. DO NOT TAKE THESE CODES OUT. If there in fact is no link in the layout, then you must put one in your userinfo.
2. No requests. If I or a mod see that you made a request post, we will either tell you to delete it or delete it ourselves. If this happens again, you will be banned, or severely warned, depending on how we feel. :D
3. Do not promote here. Find a promoting community for that, or one that doesn't care. These posts will be deleted and you will be warned. Repeat the offense, and you will be banned.

MAKERS If you wish to be a maker here, [and I'm always looking] please just make a post with this application filled out.

What types of layouts do you normally make?
Will you be open to requests?
Can you...
1. make a layout with a scroll box format?
2. use a color chart in your layouts?
3. change all the navigational links (like: info/friends/calendar)?
4. make tables that are centered, to the right, or to the left?
5. change the text on comments and add comment pictures?
6. make your own backgrounds and size them correctly?
7. use a screen shot to show a preview of your layout?
8. coordinate colors well?
9. change scrollbar colors?
10. change borders / table width / fonts?
11. use link effects like: link borders / background colors / filters etc? [If yes please list.]
Please list features your layouts include that haven't been listed, if there are any, and please provide at least 4 screen shots and/or links of layouts you've made. Make sure that they are examples of some of the things listed above [like a scrollbox format, a home-made background, or link effects], and please make sure they are of your best work.

Please, do not be intimidated. I'm not going to say: no, you can't be a maker. I just want to know what you can do. Even if you're only good at one kind, that's alright.

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