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this is where we kissed

the last romance
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"first of all, on this community, you just post anything (piktures/wutever) that reminds u of the ideals of romance. it could be ANYTHING. even if you find dead girls in love romantic, go on ahead, and post it! we will just opinionate, not discriminate! you should join, b/c im sure everyone out there has something awesome to show others. its just another way to share prettyful piktures. wut you get in return, is the satisfaktion of sharing and viewing romanticism. i mean, wuts better than that? anyone can join. if it ask for ur request, just open up the link on the email sent to you when you decide to join, and KABLAAM! your in." -mark


To join the community simply click the link at the top of this page "to be added" and you'll recieve an email saying that you've been accepted. After that you can start posting :D