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it's all a ruse. we're really better than you.


1) Do not promote other communities except once, we don't want constant 20 post a day about other communities.

2) Stay away from cursing too much, we don't like dirty mouths in here.

3) This is NOT a rating community so lay off the insults to each other. We don't want stupid internet fights.

4) If youleave, dont post a goodbye post unless you have something important to say. we dont care.

the inability to follow these rules will get you banned from the community.


1)post the questionnaire into the community. we have to make sure the other members like you. It should be behind a cut which is included in the code below. Applications without lj-cuts will be deleted.

2) if we like you, you get to become a member of our elite society. if they dont, then sorry, but you have to leave, no question asked. DO NOT BEG, WHINE OR MOAN or you will be kicked out.

3)Do not vote or post until you have recieved an accepted banner or are told otherwise by a moderator.

questions? contact metacognition or true_blue, your lovely moderators.

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