When you're rejected.. Dont post an entry bitching.

1. your pictures didnt show your face so i told you to post new pictures. no need for a hissy fit
2. i told you you could apply again. but apparently you dont understand that concept so
3. you went on a rampage.

and yes i AM 'little miss co-MOD' and i CAN decide that we can't rate someone based on their pictures and i CAN ask someone to apply again with better pictures that actually show their face instead of the higlights on the back of their head. especially when the MOD is out of town aan dhas asked me and the other co-MOD to keep an eye out.

and im glad you don't like me <3 makes it easier for me to ban you. thank you for breaking every rule on the user info.


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hey girls (and guys, if there are any!) i'm sorry for being such an inactive member! my camera is all packed up in a box (i'm moving!), but i did get my hair dyed and i will cam-whore it up when i can! expect some homecoming pictures and such this weekend! love you guys!

feel free to add me if you want, i love friends!


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