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Erin Elizabeth
[Age] 13
[Location] lil'Rhody(Rhode Island)
[ Birthday ] 11.5.91
[AIM/AOL Screenname] KissMeImIrishxx5
[Sexuality] Striaght
[Marital Status] not marriedd
[Why should you be accepted into this community] because I think I have a lot to offer and I will promote as much as possible

omg there are soo many. im a movie freak but my all-time favorites are; harry potter, a series of unfortunate events, lion king, fever pitch, star wars
[Music Artists/Bands] blink 182, green day, linkin park, simple plan, mariah carrey, j.lo
[TV Shows] the simple life, american idol, mtv's the inferno, newlyweds, gilmore girls, 7th heaven, whose line is it anyway?
[Songs] we belong together and so happy together
[Animal] horse, cat, dog, rabbit
[Actors/Actresses] jim carrey, jimmy fallon, kirsten dunst, natalie portman, robin williams, drew barrymore
[Books] harry potter, a series of unfortunate events, princess diaries, all of those girly books
[Magazines] intouch weekly, seventeen, usweekly, teenvogue
[Color] green, blue, pink
[Places to shop] aeropostale, anerican eagle, abercrombie, delias, pac sun, walmart
[Gum] winterfresh
[Candy] all kinds of skittles and starburst
[Quote] friends are forever boys are whatever

Your opinion on ONE of the following..
[Gay Marriage]
[War in Iraq]
[Death Sentence]
[Bush Administration]
[Plastic Surgery]
I don't think that its the best thing in the world because you were meant to live with the bodyparts that you were born with and maybe if you wanted to fix that little bump in your nose or get a little liposuction thats fine to me, but it gets to be too much when 19 years olds are getting their whole body done when they really don't need it, like on that mtv show i want a famous face. more than half the time the people dont even end up looking like the celebrity they want to!!
[Animal Testing]

This or That..
[Coke or Pepsi]
[Bitchy or Slutty] slutty
[Tall or Short] tall
[Emo or Rap] rap i dont really like emo that much
[Punk or Metal] punk
[Pink or Red] pink
[Gold or Silver] silver i think its more classy
[Single or Married] marriedd

Random Questions..
[Do you have any piercings]
only in my ears and thats only 1 in each ear
[Do you have any tattoos] ew no and im not planning on getting one either
[What are your future goals] to be a gymnast in the olympics, get married to the guy i love, and start a family. maybe be a fashion designer too
[Who is your role model] paris hilton, emma watson, natalie portman
[One random fact about you] i have a nut allergy

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