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Am I Lovely?


[Name] Olivia (Liv)
[Age] 13
[Location] Florida, USA
[ Birthday ] April 16
[AIM/AOL Screenname] SuperxFerret
[Sexuality] Straight
[Marital Status] Single
[Why should you be accepted into this community] I will stay active and Promote

[Movies] The Notebook
[Music Artists/Bands] My Chemical Romance, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Breaking Benjamin, New Found Glory, Green Day, and Sences Fail
[TV Shows] American Idol, OC, Laguna Beach
[Songs] Bulimic, I'm not Okay (I promise), Artist In the Ambulance, A Decade Under The Infuence
[Animal] Bunnies
[Actors/Actresses] Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jake Gyllenhaal
[Books] All American Girl, Mare Jane, Mary Jane 2
[Magazines] YM, J-14, Elle Girl
[Color] Purple
[Places to shop] Abercrombie, Hollister
[Gum] Juicy Fruit
[Candy] Twizlers
[Quote] "Virginity like bubble. One prick, all gone."

Your opinion on ONE of the following..
[Gay Marriage] If someone is in love, it really doesn't matter.

This or That..
[Coke or Pepsi] Coke
[Bitchy or Slutty] Bitchy
[Tall or Short] Short
[Emo or Rap] Emo
[Punk or Metal] Punk
[Pink or Red] Pink
[Gold or Silver] Gold
[Single or Married] Single

Random Questions..
[Do you have any piercings] Just on the ears
[Do you have any tattoos] No
[What are your future goals] I would like to become a clothing designer
[Who is your role model] My mother
[One random fact about you] I have the coolest friends in the world...

Promote this community to 3 users/communities..
..Put the links to the entries here..      If I am accepted I will promote alot <3

Post 3+ pictures of yourself


I only have 2 sorry



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