Bright Lights and Cigarettes (in_your_belly) wrote in ___l0vely,
Bright Lights and Cigarettes


halloween was..well..interesting.

i went to church in the morning, then spent like 5 hours cleaning my room and studying. and finally, i was free. Calculator picked me up and we went to Kmart and Home Depot then to his house. we made my costume.

me. being a skank

flattening out the wig

it turned out pretty good except for the part where i was suffacating while we were eating. and the part where i spent over an hour back in brian's bathtub crying as he tried to peel it off without ripping off my skin. lol we tried everything known to man. acetone, white vinegar, de-greaser. i hate tape. and i hate making costumes in the spur of the moment without planning.
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