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Am I lovely?

[Location]New Jersey
[ Birthday ]January 20,1990
[AIM/AOL Screenname]St0pcryingemokid
[Marital Status]Single,yayness
[Why should you be accepted into this community]Because we might share some intrests and have some things in commen

[Movies]The Nightmere Before Christmas,Finding Nemo,Monsters INC.,Interview with the Vampire,Donnie Darko,Saved,Jay and Silent Bob.
[Music Artists/Bands]Dreden dolls,Matchbox twenty,My Chemical Romance,Bright eyes,Brand New,Pink Floyd,Bruce Springsteen,Some Ashlee simpson,Talking heads,Death Cab for Cutie,Dashboard confessional,Greenday,Goo goo dolls.
[TV Shows]The Daily show,Will and Grace,Joey and what evers on Nick at night
[Songs]All the small things-Blink 182,Lover i dont have to love-Bright eyes,What are you waiting for-Gwen stefani and Mad World-Gary Jules
[Animal]Penguins their so cute ^.^
[Actors/Actresses]Johnny Depp,Christina Ricci
[Books]Prozac Nation by E.Wurtzel,Anything of E.Poe,The Vampire lestat
[Places to shop]Thrift stores
[Gum]Wrigleys Spearmint
[Candy]Gob stoppers
[Quote]"I am alone here in my own mind.
There is no map
and there is no road."
-"January 24th," Anne Sexton

Your opinion on ONE of the following..
[Gay Marriage]I think that Gays should be allowed to get married why should anyone be able to discimnate someone because its the way they were born?It disgusts me to think that itd be possible for someone to take away Gay rights.

This or That..
[Coke or Pepsi]Coke
[Bitchy or Slutty]Bitchy
[Tall or Short]Short
[Emo or Rap]Emo
[Punk or Metal]Punk
[Pink or Red]Red
[Gold or Silver]Sliver
[Single or Married]Single

Random Questions..
[Do you have any piercings]Only the top of my ear and 2 holes.Im planning on getting the nose done in the summer even thought i really want the eyebrow
[Do you have any tattoos]nope
[What are your future goals] Run Varisty in Cross country and do good.Also to Get threw Highschool and get into a good college.
[Who is your role model]Gwen Stefani because shes orignal and shes a great artist.
[One random fact about you] I was born in Hawaii

Promote this community to 3 users/communities..
..Put the links to the entries here..

Post 3+ pictures of yourself

Those are my little kid yellow sun glasses. :)

Thank you for your time.

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