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stamped/ x-posted [05 Dec 2004|01:48pm]
hey. sorry for the long tim no post deal, been out & about. i've decided to leave, i'm totally done with the whole "rating" thing. i've moved on from that. thanks for a great time guys!

missed all the fun

[05 Dec 2004|02:17pm]
Heyy y'all..sorry for the long long absence..I Stamped everybody that needed to be and I am bac in action..if this community is still alive =(
missed all the fun

[05 Dec 2004|06:20pm]
hey everyone join my community please..i only have like 3 ppl join and im automatically accepting 2 new members then the community activitys will begin..lol..


3 obeyed all the rules & missed all the fun

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