August 30th, 2004

  • __l0ser


Need Applications:


Some people don't understand how a community works. So, let me school all of you. If you're going to join a rating community, or any community for that matter, read the rules first. Now, in THIS community, i do not tolerate peolple who break the rules. I know this community is fairly new though, so I've decided to be a little understanding and comment in these peoples journals awaring them of their mistakes.

Everyone who needs to fill out an application, then fill one out. Everyone who was rejected, leave the community quietly. You can re-apply in a week if you were rejected, but you have to remove yourself from the community, and then join again a week later. So, everyone who needs to fill out an application or as been rejected has until September 2nd to do what the rules say, or I'll start banning you.

And as for LJ User, rox_my_sockz, I believe is a fake, And until i see a salute, I wont believe them. They also have until September 2nd for the salute unless they comment in this entry stating why they cant provide a salute.
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