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Am I Lovely?

[ b a s i c s ]

Name .». Ashley Nicole
Age .». 15
Location .». McDowell, West Virginia
Birthday .». July 19, 1989
AIM/AOL Screenname .». hard2forget07
Sexuality .». Straight
Marital Status .». In Love! ;) i love u justin!
Why should you be accepted into this community .». I want to meet new people... and I want to develope new friends!

[ f a v o r i t e ]

Movies .». Love & Basketball & Sweet November
Music Artists/Bands .». Yellowcard, Xtina, Nelly
TV Shows .». Nip/tuck & 7th Heaven
Songs .». Over and Over - Nelly *&* So into You - Fabolous
Animal .». Dolphins
Actors/Actresses .». Paul Walker & Katie Holmes
Book .». To Kill a Mockingbird
Magazines .». YM and Teen
Color .». Orange
Places to shop .». American Eagle - Aero - Old Navy
Gum .». Winterfresh
Candy .». bottlecaps!
Quote .». Your nothing less than perfect

[ Your o p i n i o n on O N E of t h e following ]

Gay Marriage .». I think I'll give my opinion on this one... I think it should be up to the person... Gay or Straight you can't help who you love! And No one should ever keep someone from being with someone!
War in Iraq .».
Abortion .».
Death Sentence .».
Bush Administration .».
Plastic Surgery .».
Drinking/Drugs .».
Animal Testing .».
Tattoos/Piercings .».

[ t h i s or t h a t ]

Coke or Pepsi .». Coke
Bitchy or Slutty .». Bitchy
Tall or Short .». short
Emo or Rap .». rap
Punk or Metal .». punk
Pink or Red .». pink
Gold or Silver .». silver
Single or Married .». married

[ r a n d o m q u e s t i o n s ]

Do you have any piercings .». yes my ears, but I don't wear earrings :(
Do you have any tattoos .». nope...
What are your future goals .». After highschool I'm going to College to Major In Computer Sciences then Later moving to South Carolina.
Who is your role model .». My Sister, shes so supportive and has always been there for me through the good and bad times...
One random fact about you .». i hate my feet! :-|

[ p r o m o t e ]

[ p i c t u r e s ]

I'm in the Main Back In the White Tee ... and The Rest are Some of My Best Friends!

Me Before Prom! had to cut it down a little!.. My Computer doesn't resize right :(

Hillbilly Day Homecoming Week!
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