francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote in ___l0vely,
francesca ♥ sabrina

am i lovely?

[Age] 14
[Location] Boca Raton, FL
[ Birthday ] August 13, 1990
[AIM/AOL Screenname] LiLFLyMaMi29
[Sexuality] Straight
[Marital Status] Taken
[Why should you be accepted into this community] Because i'm lovely?

[Movies] Thirteen, Piratres of the Caribbean, Dawn of the Dead
[Music Artists/Bands] Ashlee Simpson, Goo Goo Dolls, Usher, Yellowcard, Sugarcult, RHCP, Story Of The Year, Hilary Duff, Trapt, Sky Sweetman, Maroon5
[TV Shows] Fear Factor, 7th Heaven, Full House,
[Songs] Fly, La La, Surrender, Anthem of Our Dying Day, Breakaway, Black Balloon, Iris
[Animal] Cat
[Actors/Actresses] Johnny Depp, Brittany Murphy
[Books] The Outsiders
[Magazines] TWIST, Teen People
[Color] Black and Purple
[Places to shop] Abercrombie, Hollister, Burdines
[Gum] Eclipse, Bubblicious, Juicy Fruit
[Candy] SKITTLES, Gummy Bears
[Quote] "I know that goodbye means nothing at all" - Maroon 5

Your opinion on ONE of the following..
[Drinking/Drugs] No one should do them because thats how peope die, and who wants that?

This or That..
[Coke or Pepsi] Pepsi
[Bitchy or Slutty] Bitchy
[Tall or Short] Tall
[Emo or Rap] Rap
[Punk or Metal] Punk
[Pink or Red] Red
[Gold or Silver] Silver
[Single or Married] Married

Random Questions..
[Do you have any piercings] Yes, Ears
[Do you have any tattoos] No
[What are your future goals] To be a professional dancer, go to college, and discover how the world started (you know like where we all came from, that kinda stuff)
[Who is your role model] Jessica Simpson
[One random fact about you] I like saltine crackers with butter

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Thanks for veiwing =)

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