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am i lovely`?

[Name] sherree.. nikname- raee
[Age] 15
[Location] bremerton, washington state
[ Birthday ] june 4
[AIM/AOL Screenname] xraee
[Sexuality] strait
[Marital Status] single nd looking for my prince charming
[Why should you be accepted into this community] kuz i stay active i dont start bitchy little fights with members and especially not mods. and this is a cute community i think it fits me.

[Movies] dragonfly, girl interupted, 13 going on 30
[Music Artists/Bands] taking back sunday, simple plan, matchbook romance, yellowcard, motion city soundtrack
[TV Shows] friends, will and grace, southpark
[Songs] a decade under the influance-tbs, timberwolves in newjersey-tbs
[Animal] im a cat person :o)
[Actors/Actresses] lise kudro, best actress! ashton kutcher, best actor!
[Books] A child called it. it was soo sad :'o(  but i loved it
[Magazines] seventeen, cosmo
[Color] pink

[Places to shop] abercrombie and fitch, forever 21, american eagle, pacsun
[Gum] orbit, the pink kind!
[Candy]this is easy.. skittles!!
[Quote] to hell with you and all your friends -tbs

Your opinion on ONE of the following..
[Gay Marriage] okay first of all you should be able to marry anyone you love regardless if that person just happens to be the same sex. i mean you marry someone because you love them right? and homosexuals are people too so they have feelings. i mean come on goverment. think a little! and secondly this country is about freedom. am i correct? so freedom to marry whoever you want. duh! stupid government!
[War in Iraq]
[Death Sentence]
[Bush Administration]
[Plastic Surgery]
[Animal Testing]

This or That..
[Coke or Pepsi] coke
[Bitchy or Slutty] slutty
[Tall or Short]me, shot. guys, tall.
[Emo or Rap] emo
[Punk or Metal] punk
[Pink or Red] pink
[Gold or Silver] silver
[Single or Married] married

Random Questions..
[Do you have any piercings] me ears. and getting my toungue OR belly for xmas. maybe sooner if im good :o)
[Do you have any tattoos] no but i want 2 fairys facing eachother on my hip
[What are your future goals] get married, have 1 kid (girl, lol), go to collage, be a lawyer. not in that order lol.
[Who is your role model] madonna. shes achieved so much. shes independant. she beeuutiifull. lOl
[One random fact about you] i looovee fairys

Promote this community to 3 users/communities..
..Put the links to the entries here..   will do as soon as im accept... ill promote my tooshie off.

Post 3+ pictures of yourself

im a camera whore <//3

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