January 27th, 2009

Solanin: SORANIN

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Can you feel it; that slight tingling feeling that flows through you when walking the busy city streets, surrounded by so many? So many different people, with different background and stories...leading lives the way they see fit for them. Well that is the rush after all...

Expected Rush is a online AU communtiy based on the busy city streets of Tokyo. in this comm lets you mold everything about your muse, in other words; you choose the muse, you choose their lifestyle, job, background....whatever you see fit for them; baker, shop owner, model, doctor...even a mob boss if you choose (note* mob boss postions can only be claimed by three muses...so if you want to be a mob boss and the spots are filled, then sorry, maybe a thug would safice?) so anything at all really, but NO BUMS!!! everyone needs to have a job of some sort~
Now close your eyes and relax back, letting the rush take you over....
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