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Japanese Kyoto Style

kyoto premium


I've been looking into Japanese design lately -- a friend is decorating their basement in this style -- and came across the website this picture is from. Quoting:

"Kyoto symbolizes the elegant beauty of Japan and is the cultural heart of the country. KYOTO PREMIUM is a new lifestyle concept that combines excellent craft techniques, exquisite beauty and modern design. A lifestyle that is as relaxing, natural and cultured as possible is come true by KYOTO PREMIUM products. They will surely change the way you live.

Since Kyoto became the capital of Japan in 794, the city remained the political, economic and cultural center of Japan for over 1,000 years. Though it is still the center for most of Japan's traditional craft industries, it is also home to many of Japan's leading high-tech companies and new venture businesses. Now Kyoto's challenge is started to produce something new for the future generation.

Kyoto is still the production center for Japan's highest quality textile crafts. The exquisite weavings of the Nishijin textile district, the incredibly delicate patterns and colors of Kyo-yuzen dyeing, and the fine textures of Shibori tie dyes are all world famous. The city is also well-known for the creativity and skill of its designers, production craftsmen, producers and consumers who have the sense of beauty. All these factors play a key role in maintaining Kyoto's position as one of the greatest creative cities in the world."

More products on site.
Site's in Japanese, English and French, link above.


Lighting & Patio

So I was looking for some "world vibe" home decor and patio ideas again and landed at Overstock.com. I've bought from them before and some of the items have definitely become favourites. With this batch, I think my lighting fetish is shining through again. ;)

List Price: $90.00 - Today's Price: $34.99

List Price: $135.00 - Today's Price: $61.99

Buddha Aromotherapy Oil Burner [India]
Bulk pack of 2 - List Price: $109.99 - Today's Price: $53.14

See their "WORLDSTOCK" category for similar items.

FROM THE WEBSITE: What is Worldstock?
Around the world there are artisans who know how to make exquisite centerpiece items. Yet they have trouble accessing the US market because they are small-lot producers in an age of mass distribution. Often there is no way to get goods from their remote villages to here, and when there is, too many layers of mark-up make them unaffordable. The tragedy is that if we bought their goods, the artisans could prosper without abandoning their native crafts and culture, and without depending on charity.

Overstock's main business is bringing small lots to consumers at affordable prices. 3 years ago we realized that this capacity is exactly what artisans need. Thus was born Worldstock. We locate magnificent items made by craftswo/men around the world. We emphasize sustainability: choosing items that are environmentally sound, and that don’t burn up the natural or human resources of their producers. We pride ourselves on being honest brokers: we don’t gouge producers with our clout, nor consumers with mark-ups, thereby allowing the artisans to receive an average of 60 - 70 % of the money you spend in Worldstock. Our goal in Worldstock is not to make money, but to create 10s of thousands (and someday millions) of jobs in the poorest regions of the world, while bringing customers unique products of which they can be proud – hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, and much more.

Kachelöfen & Outdoors Decor

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What a great space. I'm usually not for wooden interiors but here it looks very nice.

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The curved shape is great.

Kachelöfen. I love them. They're a part of "home" for me as we had one in our holiday home. I used to sit on the warm tiles reading or just hanging out. It's so cozy. I'd love to have one in my home.

I also liked these. They'd make some beautiful outdoors decor:

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Moroccan Lanterns & Seating

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I've always loved these and the patterns they make against walls and ceiling when lit. Either the electrical ones or candle-lit. Looking at the prices on American websites makes me laugh as these can be bought for about 1/10th of the price in Morocco - and that's when one is a foreign traveller, locals would pay even less. Ah, well. They can always claim import costs and of course these stores need to make a profit. Beautiful, atmospheric decor either way.

Picture Source & Store:
Looks like they have some interesting things from all over the world. http://www.natashascafe.com/html/lamps.html

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Bonus pic, just because it fits here.

I've seen similar, really elaborate mosaics in people's homes in Morocco, especially the old ones in the Medina that look beyond plain from the outside. It's like entering paradise - unexpectantly. I love the seating here as well.


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Another random find from some time ago that I thought was visually appealing. Must start recording all sources properly from now on.

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