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Спальня для Снежной Королевы

Шведская компания из города Упсала Himla, что в переводе на русский означает "НЕБО",  выпускает высококачественные ткани для дома с 1990 года. Все эти 20 лет, главной идей компании была простая мысль- с помощью своей ткани украсить как можно больше домов и именно эта идея стала неисчерпаемым источником вдохновения для дизайнеров Himla. Тысячи разнообразных расцветок тканей, аналогов которых вы больше нигде не найдете и именно это  ставит Himla вне конкуренции. Полная свобода выбора для вас!

Выкупив в 1996 году у предыдущих владельцев компанию, Annica Högström нынешний владелец Himla, всегда выступала за качество ткани, неповторимость расцветки и натуральность материалов. В ассортименте компании: ткани для мебели, домашний и кухонный текстиль, шторы, постельное белье и много другое
Сегодня мы с вами рассмотрим коллекцию Осень 2010

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Red Velvet Sofa, Italian Bed & Orbit Poolside Seating

Some pieces I really like:

Red Sofa | Lafayette | Red Velvet

The Lafayette is a great piece of furniture for your home, office or speakeasy. Nicknamed the "Cherry Bomb" in this fabric the attractive style of this sofa has made it a best seller. Order this sofa in the fabric and style shown or choose from any of our other cool fabrics and create a masterpiece of your own!
Dimensions: 84"W 35"D 33"H 23" Seat Depth
Shipping: In stock sofas 1-2 weeks, Custom 2-4 weeks
Fabrics: Microsuedes, Leatherettes, Velvets, Velvet Swirls, Wild Patterns


Seen at:


Marilyn Bed by Mario Bellini from Flou - I like the white fabric one.

The pin-up girls of the 40’s and 50’s would be proud of the Marilyn bed available from Flou. Designer Mario Bellini brings us this adorable bed from a bygone era in true European style. The bright red lipstick shaded leather surrounds the sensuous curves. The Marilyn bed is also available in white fabric or leather for a slightly toned down appearance. Matching mattresses, ottomans, benches and bed linens are also available at Flou. The slatted or orthopedic base provides for ultimate comfort for those lazy Sunday mornings. It is only sold in a double size bed. Go to Flou to coordinate this bed into your next design.

Seen at: http://www.trendir.com/archives/000323.html
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And these are just cool but a TAD bit pricey, ringing in at $7883 [LoL]:

Seen at: http://www.trendir.com/archives/000198.html
Made by: http://www.domo.com.au/manufacturers/dedon/orbit_sofa

Kachelöfen & Outdoors Decor

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What a great space. I'm usually not for wooden interiors but here it looks very nice.

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The curved shape is great.

Kachelöfen. I love them. They're a part of "home" for me as we had one in our holiday home. I used to sit on the warm tiles reading or just hanging out. It's so cozy. I'd love to have one in my home.

I also liked these. They'd make some beautiful outdoors decor:

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Pic Sources:

Inspiring Interiors

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Unfortunately I cannot remember where I saw these but they're truly inspiring, especially the first. The space as a whole is just amazing. Judging by what's outside, this is probably somewhere in Europe, or maybe the Eastern US. In the second, I like the lighting and the stone even though I'd prefer it either a little lighter or a little darker. The furniture looks out of place but love the wall and the hardwood floors.

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