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Lands End Inn, Massachussetts

I found this interesting - in a dark, old-school, all American-New England kind of way. "Gull Hill" turned "Land's End Inn", located 120 miles south of Boston, Massachussetts at Cape Cod.

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The property known as Gull Hill...

... is mentioned for the first time in the 1871 will of Captain Jonathan Nickerson, a member of a prominent fishing family. This part of Provincetown was called “way up along.” Here, one was truly at the land’s end, since the road terminated at the Red Inn. The rest was all tidal flats, marshes and grass farms. In 1903 when Charles Lothrop Higgins purchased Gull Hill, houses dating from around 1800 — and the houses floated over from Long Point before the Civil War — already lined the west end of Commercial Street. [...]

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