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Alright, I'm having a bit of radiohead obession lately and looking for some songs.  Does anyone have these songs:

  • High and Dry
  • Fake Plastic Trees
  • Creep
  • True Love Waits (the non-live version if there is such a thing...)
  • Street Sprit (Fade Out)


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6 colour pictures all in a row, and a marigold

so, my summer playlist is getting a little tired. i'm a creature of habit and tend to overplay the songs that move me the most. does anyone else do this? yes, i know, i am lame. but i can't help it. when i first got more adventurous by rilo kiley, i must've listened to a man/me/then jim about 500 times. i still put the song on repeat and listen to it for hours at a time. in my best effort to spruce up my summer listening, does anyone have any suggestions of songs i should definitely add to my collection? i'm pretty much open for everything. song titles and band names is all i need, i'll do the legwork! you guys rock!
<3 ames
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I kind of like the Jane's Addiction cover of the Violent Femmes song 'Blister in the Sun'
and the Johnny Cash cover of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus'.

As for a note:
Originals are always best.
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i'd have to say that i'm very angry about Such Great Heights being the m&m commercial. i hate it because it's selling out. and not that the band is selling out, because that's whatever, but that the song is, because i don't want everyone to know that song..i love that song and we would always sing it in the dressing room before performances. ok well...

last night i went to a Reel Big Fish concert and skanked like crazy. it was <3. a ton of my friends were there and that made it all the better. there were two opening bands ..punchline and el pus. el pus was like hip hop/rock..it was pretty different and mucho funny. i would post pictures, but i actually don't know how. i am very sorry.
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so in the midst of my summer loving, i have neglected my livejournal. and i've totally given up on any hope for reestablishing my previous addiction to myspace. but, now that i am here, i felt i'd indulge in the latest theme. my favourite covers.

+we will become silhouettes+ cover by the shins, original by the postal service
           -i love this cover because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. it keeps the intensity the postal service gives, but is distinctively the shins.-

+all is full of love+ cover by death cab for cutie, original by bjork
           -bjork and death cab for cutie. love love love.-

+these days+ cover by elliott smith, original by nico
             -the original was brilliant, and only elliott smith could do it justice.-

+the biggest lie+ live cover by bright eyes, original by elliott smith
             -this is a live cover. bright eyes. elliott smith. nuff said.-

now back to my summer loving ways.


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My favorite cover [at the moment 'cause it's likely to change] is Iron and Wine's cover of Such Great Heights by the Postal Service.

I'm not a big fan of either of these bands, but the song is just so lovely. Especially when Iron and Wine does the acoustic version.
The song is actually on the Garden State soundtrack, so you can grab it off that.
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