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News Website

this is really annoying me.

I'm trying to think of the name of the website that has all the kind of "indie news" up on it, but I cannot think of the name for the life of me and it is driving me insane.

Can anyone help me out. I have it bookmarked on my laptop but I don't have it with me :(

help a girl out

nevermind, I found it, it was Pitchfork.
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In my media class, we've been discussing the concept of downloading albums, uploading, and leaked albums and weather or not it should be illegal.

We've been talking about this mainly because in Canada (where I am), it's legal to download music but not to upload it.

There is also the idea of leaked albums and weather or not they should be passed around the internet or if we should respect artists wishes and not allow it to be heard before the release date.

I thought it would be a good discussion for here.

Anyways, discuss.

How to cause excruciating pain.

"So I was watching the Bob Dylan documentary an-"
"Who's he?"
"Haha, funny. Anyway, I-"
"Oh! He's that black singer, right?"
"*whimpering*...puppies and rainbows, puppies and rainbows..."

Yes, ouch the hurt. That taste in music is as dangerous to public health as passive smoking. ANYWAY, the point is, Okkervil River are playing a Sydney show on Dec.2 - should I be jumping to go? Anyone seen them?