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I just bought two CD's! I am quite excited about them.  One is Arcade Fire - Funeral and the second is Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Hearts of Oak. Currently I am obsessed with the song Rebellion (Lies) from the Arcade Fire.  Anyone enjoy them?

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Howdy. Hope I don't offend any of you (or your mods) but you guys seem to like some kick ass music and I'm SURE some of you indie kids are fan of the moog, and therefore you must be fans of The Rentals (you know.. Matt Sharp and Pat Wilson from Weezer among other fantastic indie icons... can you say Petra Haden? mmm).

Any true indie kid knows Return of the Rentals is a brilliant CD so rather than recommending new music, just thought I'd clue you into the TRUE RETURN of the Rentals, that's right folks, Matt Sharp and the gang are BACK! (I know, it's about time!)

Check our their myspace and show them some support so they can get their new record out already!

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A friend of mines birthday is comming up, and I want to make them a CD to go along with their gift.  So far this is what I have on the cd:

  1. Photobooth- Death Cab For Cutie
  2. Angel In The Snow- Elliott Simth
  3. Just Like Heaven- The Cure
  4. Underwater- All Time Quarterback
  5. Crooked Teeth- Death Cab For Cutie
  6. Brand New Colony- Postal Service
  7. Already Gone- Further Seems Forever
  8. Sugar Were Goin Down- Fall Out Boy

their into emo-ish, pop punk, and some indie stuff....any suggestions are more than welcome!