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December Theme

Being sick and all I totally forgot that today was the first of December until I looked at my computer. December really is a great month. All the holiday seasons what ever you happen to celebrate are just so much fun. The music, the presents, the ummm presents haha. So on with things just a simple reminder to try and tag the entries. Just try and find what category they fit in under the list and that, and please don't make anymore or if you do check first cause it might be a good thing and I've forgotten about it.

So, as for the theme of the month, this month it is going to be: What is your fav holiday song!

happy posting
xo, Kate
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Ocotober Theme!

Can you believe it, it's october already. That means: NEW THEME! So in honour of Halloween what is your favorite Halloween song or music video.

For me it is The Monster Mash. If you haven't ever heard this song go download it now. It's really from the 50's (maybe 60's?) Anywyas I also seem to own the album (I found it in my basement the other day).

Post Away Kiddies!
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September Theme

Alright, so it's now officially September and you know what that means NEW THEME and back to school.  So I guess it's time for a new montly theme.  Since school is starting in a few days (or already has), it's time for a new theme.  This months theme is:

Favorite Back To School Albums.  Alot of new ones have come out so, what are your "must listen to's" on the drive/walk to school?

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New Theme!

Wow, I almost forgot to give us a new theme.  Ooops.  Okay since it's almost midnight and I feel like being lame, how about what songs get stuck in your head?  For me its:

  • Turn To Square- The Shins
  • A Call To Apathy- The Shins
  • Photobooth- Death Cab For Cutie
  • Evil- Interpol
  • I Don't Wanna Die- The Unicorns.

Post a way!

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New Theme!

Eeesh where are all you kiddies lately.   So in HOPES of keeping this community alive I'm posting a new theme kinda early.....I'm also leaving for montreal so bah.  So, what is it you ask?  Well I'm going to tell you....drum roll please.....

Whats your Fav Cover? 

Well kiddies what is it?  Feel free to post a link to the song (yousendit.com is easy)

Mine at the moment is Since You've Been Gone by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists.  It's truley awesome.  Click the link to download!


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New Theme!

Well it's that time of the month again ladies and gents.  Yes, thats right, it's time for a new theme.  So this months them is (drum roll please) post some fave band pics!  You all know you love those promo pics of your fave bands.  I've also updated our intrests list.  If there is anything on there that you want and don't see then tell me alrighty!
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hey all you sex kiddies out there.  It's a new month which means a new theme!  This months theme is going to be to post your fav lyric(s)  sound good?  Good.  Welcome to all the new memebers...I've tried to say hi to all of ya, but I'm sure I've missed some of you so Hi!  Hope everyone has an awesome May, and that you keep posting!



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new theme?!

so, its may everyone!! we need a new theme! last month we had post your favourite album covers *stellar idea* what do you guys think of favourite lyrics? its an endless thing that could go on forever, but im such a lyric whore!!! i write down anything and everything!! so, post your favourite lyrics?!?! sound good?!?! i'll start, and if more pop up, post as many as you can think of!

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(no subject)

Okay, maybe this is lame, maybe it isn't? Tell me if it is. But I think every month is going to have a sort of theme or something. Like post about your fav artist or something.

So this months is....drum roll please...

post your fav album cover!

Mine is prolly a tie between figure 8 by elliott smith and you can play these songs with chords by death cab for cutie. Runner up would be Is This It by The Strokes.

Post away kiddies!