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happy music

hey, indie kids.
I'm in need of some really good happy music.

My boyfriend of 9 months is a foreign exchange student and he's going back to Germany soon.
Please recommend some happy music that makes you smile and say, "YEA! the world is a cool place!" or whatever. Specific songs, or bands in general. Get on it plz.

Final Fantasy

Merry christmas all, we did not have a very snowy cristmas IN ANY WAY. Stupid seasons. I've heard a little of Final Fantasy, the string guy for the Arcade Fire, but it's really hard to find here. Does anyone have any of his stuff they could put up? Cheers
elliott smith

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so i've really been dying to hear the new bright eyes album, motion sickness...but even more i've been dying to hear the elliott smith cover "the biggest lie" i mean does it get any better than brigt eyes cover elliott smith...i don't think so (if so show me what ya got caue it must be damn good) but i was wondering if anyone had gotten that album yet (im too much of a broke ass) so if anyone has that and could upload "the biggest lie" i might just worship you for the rest of my life....might.
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Does anyone own the cd 'Maybe This Christmas Tree' and care of upload it for me? I saw it online, but I don't think they sell it in Canda, I've checked a few stores and nothing. I already have 2 songs off it (thank you soulseek), but the rest have been impossible. So if anyone has the following songs and care to upload them I will be your best friend.

Happy Christmas (War is Over)- The Pholyphonic Spree
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day- Pedro The Lion
Better Sweet Eve- Belsana
Christmas Eve Is Here- Ivy
Fairytale of New York- Pilate
Do You Hear What I Hear- Copeland

please and thank you!